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Here is what some of our customers have to say about us and our horses:


In 2005, Barbara Bonk of Delaware purchased "Rmani" as weanling to be her next FEI prospect. Barbara has two competition FEI horses, one of whom the 2004 Region I USEF Champion AA at Intermediare I.

Barbara writes:
"Kyle, he is stunning! And what a good boy- we unloaded at 4am in the pitch dark with 2 mares in heat running and screaming- he never batted an eye and just walked 1/2 mile to the barn. Thanks for everything!!!

Ryan with Laura &amp Jeff

In 2004, Laura Blanton purchased "Ryan (formerly Romeo)" as two year old.
Laura writes:
"I'm am so delighted that you sold him to me. He is going to be a star, with all the right care and patient training. He is a dream come true for me; a sweet attitude, beautiful mover, and a quiet temperament....You made the entire process of buying him as painless and easy as possible. I wish there were more caring, and reputable breeders out there like you. I intend to tell everyone where he came from as his show career develops through the years."

In 2003, Valerie Gabriel purchased "Maestro" as an unstarted three year old.
Valerie writes:
"Well it is now official--I have a nice horse. Maestro is now being lunged in the big front working arenas before riding. Well, I tell you this has caused a lot of rubbernecking. Gerhard drives back and forth to the dressage arena and I have watched him numerous times drive very slowly so that he can watch him. I also did finally get told by him that he is a very nice horse. From Gerhard that is quite a compliment. ... Charni today told me that Maestro seems to have a pretty quiet mind and he seems to remember his lessons from one day to the next. I am very happy with him and so is everyone else. Even my stable manager is getting attached to him.... Everyone says he is the best 3 (actually 4 now) year old that they have seen. All and all he still is quite a hit. "


Roubaix & Barb

"In May of 2002, I purchased "Roubaix" from Kyle Karnosh and Tim Carey at Con Brio Farms. I finally got the horse of my dreams! Although Roubaix has only been under saddle for six months he has been such a willing participant in his and my training. He has the greatest disposition ever, with talent galore. My dressage trainer, Kristina Harrison-Naness at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center is just as happy with him as I am. Dealing with Kyle and Tim was super. I couldn't recommend a better place to purchase a new horse. Thanks!
Barbara Bella, Burbank CA "

Capellia & Kate

In 2001, Kate Pashaian purchased "Capellia" as an unstarted three year old. Kate writes:
"Capellia is growing into such a beauty.She turned 5 at the end of March and is still growing, more muscle and filling out all the time. I call her my mini moose. I absolutely adore her. She is such a willing companion, she is so sweet and has quite a sense of humor. She doesn't just sip water, when our ride is over the head goes in the trough up to her eye balls and she loves to splash and blow bubbles. On the other side she is so talented for the sport, she challenges me daily to be a better rider. It's all in there and I'm learning to get it out. I could go on forever about how and why I love her so much, but I'll stop there. I feel like I must have done something good and right in my life to deserve to be blessed with Capellia. So thank you, I really appreciate having her. I'll be sending my friends your way when they are ready to find their dream horse."


In 2003, Linda Sharaf purchased "Revelry". Linda writes:
"Revelry has lovely movement. My trainer says he has it all. Nice head, conformation, temperament, and movement. Everyone thought he was lovely and asked me where I found him. You are a star!"

Recently, Linda sent us an update on Revelry:
"I wanted to give you an update on Rev. He recently graduated from kindergarten. I worked with him with a trainer in Healdsburg for the past year. The trainer has worked with a lot of babies and said Rev was his best student. He learned all his ground work very quickly and without sequela. We backed him the end of last year. He never misbehaved. He now walks, trots, and canters with a mount. I brought him home about two weeks ago. I introduced him to my horse vacuum the other day. He loves it."


"I purchased my DWB "Tsunami" from Kyle and Tim at Con Brio Farms when he was 4 months old. Since he was still a baby he stayed at their farm, where I worked with him as often as I could. Kyle and Tim have supported and helped us tremendously throughout this time, starting before the sale and continuing today. It's now three years later and Tsunami is starting under saddle. Every day I am more impressed with his temperament and potential - he's a great horse. Kyle and Tim truly care about their horses, the homes they go to and their customer's satisfaction. I recommend them highly to anyone looking to purchase a new horse."
Chris Cebrian, San Jose , CA

Ricky & Naomi

"Ricky (Richochet) is fabulous. I couldn't be luckier to have such a wonderful horse. You did a great job bringing him into the world."
Naomi Kirschenbaum, Watsonville , CA

Santi & Olivia

In 1999, Olivia Lagoy-Weltz and her family purchased "Santiago". Olivia, who was 15 at the time, started Santiago herself and did all of his training. Here's what she says: "He's just a fabulous guy. He's been an absolute angel since I got him. I just love this horse!"

Gemini & Eva

""Gemini" made it deceptively easy...He's really nice and balanced. He's just been as pleasure to be around, handle and work with... Several people at the barn have offered to take him off my hands if I wanted to sell him. He just has a heart of gold"
Eva SooHoo, Oakland CA

Gable & Christa

""Gable(Grand Fuerst)" is the perfect combination of mind and movement. He is a mild mannered puppy dog in the barn - Mr Personality with a sense of humor. ...He goes from the stall out on a trail ride - doesn't twitch an ear when an 18 wheeler honks it's horn right next to us! Enter an arena and Gable morphs into another creature entirely! Put your leg on and he rises under you and carries you forward like a giant wave- he offers strength, suppleness and suspension! Thank You Con Brio for my best Buddy!"
Christa Cortez, Woodland, CA"